Why Nigerians are Generally Happy People.

In my article on Why Nigerians are so conservative,, I received some comments like, "No, My Nigerian friends don't fit your description" or somethings like that. I totally understand that. I can't describe Nigerians to a T, but there are general characteristics that are very common to Nigerians, just like with citizens of other countries as well. And being conservative happened to be one of Nigerians' common traits. 
So, I decided that today I'll write on Nigerians and their undying happiness and optimism.

Nigeria was ranked early this year as the 6th happiest nation in Africa according to the World Happiness Report by the UN. And to many Nigerians it was surprising. In fact some Nigerians were like the rankings didn't make any sense. That's how much we think we should be sad. We believe in this economic state of ours that is, this recession, we really shouldn't be happy. We should be sad or something like that. That's what we feel. But the thing is, no we're not sad. We are not a depressed nation despite the many faults our country is suffering from. That's what we feel should be the result of an almost dysfunctional nation. Depression, sadness...

But no, we Nigerians can't be depressed. And why is that?

1. We are VERY strong people.

We are very emotionally strong. Which to me is no surprise considering the type of upbringing most Nigerians have. Emotional strength is very important for an individual's survival in society. The ability to stay strong in trying times is inherent in almost every Nigerian.

And not only emotional strength but also physical strength. Our physical strength enables us to work and struggle to make some cash even when the economic terrain is not conducive.
These strengths combine to make a very strong individual which most Nigerians are.

2. We are optimistic about the future.

We are very optimistic. Despite of all our trying times we still HOPE for a better Nigeria, a better government and better citizen welfare. Having the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel even when everywhere is dark, is one of the reasons we are still happy. Optimism plays a big role in an individual's happiness level. And luckily, Nigerians are blessed with a lot of it.

3. Religion

I know religion is a controversial topic and I've also written about Nigerians' tendency to be over religious. Read HERE. So, how does religion play a role in our happiness?

Nigerians are very religious, like I stated earlier and in every one of the religions we practice, there are scriptures in the holy books preaching against fear, worry, and sadness. And since, we really love religion, we tend to follow the scriptures very strongly. Resulting in people reciting scriptures to give themselves strength to carry on. And we really are blessed with the strength we ask for in our prayers. Because that's why we are still joyous inspite of the world and our nation's imperfections.

3. We really do support each other.

We comfort each other, we quote proverbs that preach against worry. We help those of us who are less privileged, we love each other and support each other. Sometimes, it seems like we don't love each other, because we tend to criticise ourselves a lot. But behind those criticisms is genuine love for each other. That's why we tease each other a lot, because we love each other a lot. So, we don't allow a fellow Nigerian to be down resulting in a happy nation.

4. The happiness gene

There is something called the happiness gene, the FAAH gene. A group of Dutch scientists found out that the gene produces a protein that reduces pain and affects the overall happiness of a person. So, a nation with more of that gene tend to be happier than nations with lesser amounts.
And Nigerians happen to have the gene as well. So, it definitely plays a role in why we're so happy people. Although I never thought Happiness could be a genetic thing.

5. We love music.

Music has a lot of positive benefits on a person. Music has also being proven to have therapeutic effects on a person. Depending on the type of music, music can be used to alleviate or reduce pain.
Because Nigerians love music so much, we have often very high spirits. Yes, we're high spirited. Along with music, we also love to dance! So, why won't we be happy?

6. We are quite playful.

Oh... We love to tease each other. So much... Not in the offensive way of course. And we're very playful and jovial. It's a part of our personality. Which is why we love parties. We are indeed very playful people.

From all the points I listed, there should be no doubt that Nigerians have every reason to be happy.

Let's all keep being happy! Cheers to happy people!


  1. Brilliant blog post! you're a great writer. Keep it up!

  2. I think every community or religion goes through the same what you have experience. Well i totally liked your take on this!! Keep posting !!

  3. My best guy mate has Nigerian heritage and you are right they are very happy. Of course he has his down days but he is usually quite upbeat x

  4. I have had a few Nigerian friends, and your sure right that they are so happy and filled with joy!! I loved working with them, they are great at brightening up the day. Thanks for your post!!

  5. I feel like I need to spend some time with some Nigerians! Teach me your happy ways :-)

  6. That's a very interesting read! Nice to know new information. That post is actually very inspirational at the same time! Very cool ;-) Thanks for posting!

  7. I would love to visit Nigeria one day and experience the happiness of the people. I think it's important in general in life to be happy and don't let the struggles put you down.

  8. Never had any nigerian friend. But I am always open to have foreign friends. Good to know many things about Nigerians. Great post.

  9. This is really lovely to read. I think we can learn a thing or two about how to treat each other from Nigerians. I love that you mentioned that you support each other, we rarely see that these days!

  10. I love optimistic people :) People could really learn from Nigerians

  11. I have a couple of Nigerian friends and they really are super optimistic about the future. And they're always dead supportive of my blogging journey too, whereas most of my other friends think it's silly!

    Louise x

  12. I have a friend who comes from Nigeria and she embodies all these characteristics! and she is always happy and positive! brilliant post!


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