8 Solid Reasons Why Most Nigerians Are Corrupt.

Being corrupt spreads. Corruption is contagious. I mean that's why it's called CORRUPTION right? To pollute people's minds. When we humans are born as babies, we are born with a clean slate or mind. What the slate will contain in coming years is totally dependent on society and what the individual allows to pass through and stay. Similar to seiving. This means if a particular trait is peculiar to a society, there is a great tendency that the new born kids in that society will also take up that trait. Making that trait a common phenomenon in that society whether good or bad.

In Nigeria, the same applies. Nigerians are very similar in character to one another which is due to what I explained above. And the same goes for every other nation.

Corruption then comes in here. Corruption spread so fast in Nigeria that most Nigerians didn't even have enough time to realise they were being corrupted. Now, that we've been fully corrupted, we are receiving the consequences of our corrupt acts now. A look at the economic state of Nigeria is enough to tell the story.

So, I said corruption brought Nigerians to the mess they're in now. But why are most Nigerians corrupt? (I don't wish to generalise but corruption is a major case in Nigeria). What is or are the reasons behind the corrupt acts? What drives the average Nigerian to practice and embrace corruption? Because fact is, nobody was born corrupt. It's a choice.

1. Most Nigerians are Lazy.

Whether we'll like to admit this or not, the root cause of corruption in Nigeria is laziness. We don't want to do that thing we need to do the way it should be done. Rather we prefer the easy way out.

 To us, it is, "why don't you just bribe your way in, you know... Why take the hard route?"
Nigerians will be like, "Money answereth all things jere... Let me relax. I'll settle you (That is "bribe")...

2. We also enjoy cutting corners.

Cutting corners is taking short cuts to a particular goal, in order to breach protocol. Cutting corners is in fact breaching of protocols. And you know what? Nigerians not only like to breach protocols but they also believe in breaking the law.

How can a society develop when they break their OWN established rules and never follow the right process to achieving a goal?

3. Most of us are Hypocrites.

No offense.
But an hypocrite's actions don't back up what they preach. And that's what Nigerians do. They like to talk. They'll talk and talk and talk. But they never do what they say. Usually the opposite is done.
Sad really since hypocrisy waters corruption.

4. Degradation in National Values.

The values a nation would have, will be dependent on what they constantly teach each other. What does their nation preach? What do the citizens do?

In Nigeria's case, we preach, "Cheating is perfectly normal. Do it and don't be shy." That notion circulates round society and gradually sinks into everybody's psyche. And before you know it, the new value is, "Be corrupt!" Which is quite ridiculous because what goes around surely comes back around.

5. We like to believe we're smarter than the next person.

There's nothing wrong that. It's absolutely fine.
But the problem is that in Nigeria, everybody believes they can outsmart the next person mainly through cheating, duping or some immoral smart action.

 Why must you show that you're dubiously smarter than your neighbour? Maybe in bargaining prices to your advantage or to get what you want.
 Unnecessary wit competition or comparison is the next thing we do. It would have been useful if we used it productively. Because yes, competition encourages the participating parties to get better and challenge each other. But we are not using competition the right way. Rather we use it in fight scenarios. Who can throw more curse words or heavy punches.

The traders try to outsmart their customers by hiking prices of goods at unbelievable rates. While the customer tries to prove to the trader that they can't be outsmarted. And the funny thing? They start to compete for who can get his way with smartness and wit. This might eventually lead to fight. And fights breed corruption.

6. Love for money.

Like for real... What will a Nigerian not do for MONEY? I still can't place it. Most Nigerians love money ehn...

 I won't say much here other than that, because even love for money should be moderated just like love for any other thing should also be moderated.

7. We can't see the long term effect of corruption.

If we were as future looking as we like to believe we are, we would have dumped all our corrupt ways, thrown them in the lagoon and wiped our hands clean. Because if you actively engage in spoiling your future, you'll reap the full term effect.

Most Nigerians can't see this. Duping, cheating, 419, pirating and all those other immoral acts only HELP TO ENDANGER THE FUTURE.

8. Connection Phenomenon.

Nigerians completely understand what I mean by "connection". Let me explain a little.

Connection in Nigeria is getting what you want, through contact with an influential person in the said area through the illegal way. For example, a person not fit for a job position can be given the job position just because he knows someone influential at the workplace, who in turn helps him get the job regardless of whether he's fit or not for the job.
The "connection" phenomenon is so common in Nigeria and happens virtually in every corner of our country.


So above I mentioned eight reasons why Nigerians have embraced corruption over the years.

It's VERY hard to not be corrupt in a society riddled with corruption. Even in other countries of the world, corruption is also present not only in Nigeria. Corruption strips a nation or even an individual of the capacity to reach the fullest potential. Honesty and transparency is the best go-to approach for everyone.

You can make a choice, to do the right things. If not all the time,then most of the time. Because of course no one's perfect. No country is perfect as well.
Corruption is any society's greatest opposition to progress. Shun Corruption.


  1. Unfortunately, many of these points rang true to me as I read them. One thing that gets to me is the hypocrisy: saying one thing then doing another.

    1. Yes Jummy. It's very prevalent especially in the aspect of religion. Thank you.


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