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15 Nigerians On How They Feel When They Sight A White Foreigner in Nigeria.

Being that Nigerians are used to seeing people of their own skin shade (from dark to fair tone), hair type and other similar physical attributes, I wondered what Nigerians thought and felt when they sight a foreigner ( That is someone of a completely different race from ours) in Nigeria.

Thing is, seeing a person of another race is so rare in Nigeria ( except for some little parts of course). And it's quite evident in the way people, especially those living in the rural areas stand and stare when they see a foreigner around. And it's totally normal to be a little wowed by new things or experiences you've not had before.

So, I decided to ask some of my fellow Nigerians what they think or feel when they sight a foreigner around.

1. I feel normal; I dont feel anything special. Because some foreigners are here (Nigeria) for business purposes. It's normal. I don't feel anything.
~ Temi Olamibo

2. I feel great. Because I think some come here to set up companies hence large…

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